It’s a Game. It’s Supposed to be Fun.

Playing, practicing, competing, socializing – at Renaissance, golf is all things to all people. And always fun.

It’s true—some people take their golf very seriously. And we do, too, at times. But not so seriously that we lose sight of the fact that the game of golf is primarily about having fun. Spending time in the great outdoors. Challenging yourself. Enjoying the camaraderie of friends. That’s why, in addition to beautifully maintaining our championship golf course and scheduling a full calendar of golf events, we offer a wide range of other golf-related opportunities for all our members, regardless of age or gender. Whether you’re a single-digit handicapper, a twice-a-month player, or a junior (or senior) golfer who’s just learning the game, there’s no better place to embrace all that golf has to offer.

Teeing off at the 5th hole at Renaissance in Haverhill, MA