Renaissance – A Better Kind of Private Club

If your club isn’t 100% fun 100% of the time, join ours.

There are lots of reasons to join a private club. Nice facilities. Personal service. Great golf. Great food. But all too often, that’s where the benefits end. At Renaissance, we recognize that today’s private club members want—and deserve—more. More activities for every member of the family. More opportunities to socialize with friends and fellow club members. More ways to make the most of their limited recreational time. And they want those things in an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and caring—without a lot of archaic rules held over from the 19th Century.

What makes Renaissance different—and better—is that we never lose sight of the fact that belonging to a private club is supposed to be fun. Not just some of the time, but all of the time. That’s why Renaissance is a club where every amenity offers the best experience possible. Where staff members go out of their way for you. And where you don’t have to worry about crass things like assessments or food and beverage minimums.

There are other private clubs in our area, and we encourage prospective club members to visit them all. We’re certain that when you compare any of them to Renaissance, the difference will be clear. Our facilities, our caring staff, and our unwavering focus on making club membership fun for the whole family truly set Renaissance apart. We invite you to schedule a visit and discover the Renaissance difference for yourself.